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What is UK City of Culture?

Every four years a British city wins the title of ‘UK City of Culture’. The UK City of Culture title is designed to use culture as a catalyst for economic and social regeneration and raise the profile of arts and creativity locally and across the country. The first award was made for 2013, with Derry the inaugural UK City of Culture and next year will see Hull take on the mantle, and our aim is for Hereford to succeed them to become city of culture for 2021.

So why should we win?

Our bid is unique because it’s for all of Herefordshire, not just Hereford City itself – every town, village and hamlet in the county is included, and the programme has something for residents of all ages, backgrounds and locations.

What would winning mean for Herefordshire?

We would create a year-long party of amazing events and festivals in our communities for everyone to access – the spotlight will be on Herefordshire on a national and international scale.  It would stimulate jobs, boost businesses and increase our tourist industry.  It would create outstanding opportunities for young people and turbo-charge what makes Herefordshire great for everyone.  It would also leave a lasting legacy and create long-term benefits for the next generation.

Who is behind the Hereford Bid?

The Herefordshire Cultural Partnership – A dynamic consortium of individuals, arts organisations and companies are working together to craft the bid – find out more about the HCP here

Who are we up against?

Coventry / Stoke on Trent / Sunderland / Paisley / Perth / Wells / Portsmouth /St Davids / Swansea / Warrington

What is this costing?

The bid is being put together by a voluntary group of individuals and organisations who are working together to try and benefit everybody who lives works or visits Herefordshire.   Apart from two grants and in kind support from some local businesses the bid is being developed by volunteers and organisations in the partnership.  This makes our bid even more distinctive. We have the support of Herefordshire Council, Hereford City Council and importantly a number of the market town councils, but our bid is not being led by local government  is all about people pulling together.   Neither is the bid itself is costing a lot of money.  It’s being powered by passion and lots of long hours.  However when we win it will open up huge opportunities to secure substantial investment from national bodies, business sponsorship and donations.

What happens next?

The deadline for submitting the bid to Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is 28th April.  The bid writing team from HCP are busy putting the finishing touches to this important document.  As well as making a compelling and ambitious pitch for Herefordshire it will also include an indicative programme of activities for 2021. The DCMS will announce a short-list of 4 cities sometime mid-summer, with the winning city being announced in Hull towards the end of the year.  A little like the Olympics, the winning city will then have 4 years to plan for 2021.

How do I get involved?

We are asking for the people of Herefordshire to ‘get behind the bid’, we’d love to hear why you think Hereford should be UK City of Culture find out how to keep in touch here

We’re creating a new cultural Mappa Mundi with Herefordshire at its beating heart – it’s already been an adventure, and you can help take it the next level.

Let’s make Herefordshire the only choice for UK City of Culture 2021 – together.

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